Weights, measures, and soapmaking—Is it science or magic?

A traditional, handmade, cold process soap is a wonderful indulgence. Much thought and science goes into a batch, large or small. Carefully sourced base oils, essential oils, flower petals, clays etc... make up the list. But the magic is in the careful consideration of a time honored recipe and being meticulous with  weights and measures. Weights&Measures Soapmaking

Weights and Measures sounds like a wing of government and it is in Canada, but it is also a very important part of the soap making process and is right there with temperature. But it's here where Weights and Measures and temperature turn the science into the Magic we call soap. Please consider this, if just for a moment, as that luxurious natural lather is gently cleansing your skin like no other can.

Be Clean,

Gary Quiring

Jun 02, 2015

Glad you are doing the blog…this was really fantastic…at first, thought it was from some cool magazine or article…..but No! It was the Soapworks!!!

Linda Quiring

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