There is lots and lots of change going on in this great world and in Saltspring Soapwork's world, this is also true.  The past year has brought us great changes. A new generation of company management and ownership has been fully transitioned. We have engaged in a lively peer group for business mentorship (highly recommended) and now we are down to it with a steady push for greater, honest and simple,  ingredients and packaging . We have always invested in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and the time came for a new vessel to carry some of our latest products going forward. We now present to you, THE tube.

Mango Lime Lotion

 This new container has been chosen for our Natural and Organic, Lotions and Creams and is 99% recyclable, tamper proof, and most importantly, the best way to keep our Sensitive, Natural Ingredients, fresh, until you have used them up. It's also a way more handy container for the purse, boat, car, bike or skateboard.

We are excited to give you this sneak peak at a small part of our future, and our continued quest for producing the best, honest, human body care.

Thanks for tuning in.

Gary Quiring,


Saltspring Soapworks.

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