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Fantastic products, fantastic store. We visited BC a few months ago and I bought these because I’m a big fan of quality product with little waste. These shampoo bars are fantastic. I’m so glad they ship to Alberta. My hair has never been as soft as when I use this shampoo, I think I might try their conditioner sometime too. Thank you Saltspring Soapworks for your amazing product!❤️


This shampoo bar is wonderful. So gentle and moisturizing. Smells great. Lathers well and keeps my hair and scalp nice and clean. Bonus it’s eco friendly and comes wrapped in paper!! The bars are long lasting, just make sure they dry in between uses ours last a month for 2 people!

Scalp Relief

My scalp has been itchy for several years and I have tried many 'natural' shampoos. I recently decided to try shampoo bars due to their cleaner content. It has only been one month and my scalp is a LOT less itchy; my hair has more body, although it does seem dryer too; which probably could be corrected with some conditioner.

Price, quality and people are top-knotch

I love this shampoo bar and the conditioner. I had the pleasure of working across from your store in Victoria and your staff made it obvious the kind of outstanding company this is. So, I'm still ordering from Quebec!

You can pay twice as much for half the lather with other bars; there's really no competition.

This very generous review brings great joy to all of us here at Saltspring Soapworks. Warmly, Amber.

Amazing Shampoo

I used this shampoo bar for the first time and instantly fell in love with it. As a regular user of natural shampoo bars I was so impressed with the way it lathered the smell and most of all the way it left my hair feeling all day long. Simply the best I’ve ever used! Amazing natural product!

Overly drying

I didn't love this shampoo. i was quite happy with my other purchases from this site, but this shampoo felt more like i had rubbed a bar of soap in my hair. I've always had an oily scalp and would need to wash every 3 days, and was happy that with this bar, i could easily go 1 week without getting an oily scalp. But, my ends were dryer than they've ever been. I've never had dry ends, even when my hair was like 15 inches longer than it is now, but with just 2 uses of this shampoo, they were very dry and rough. I'll probably just use it as a body soap, as i am sure it would work well for that purpose.

Great shampoo bar

I have tried other shampoo bars but this is my favourite!