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This is the best body wash I’ve used in a long time

Works well but smell could be improved

I was on the hunt for a new natural bodywash, and came across Saltspring Soapworks. Since I'm somewhat scent sensitive, I decided on this one, since it was supposed to be the lightest scented. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and while I like the soap, I don't love it.
The lemongrass completely overpowers the coconut, I haven't been able to catch so much as a hint of coconut. I do like lemongrass as a scent, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work well in this soap.
It's a shame, as I like the soap otherwise. It lathers well, and you can tell it's high quality.
If the scent was changed to still be light, but something more pleasant such as lime coconut, lemon coconut, ginger lime, etc, I'd definitely give it another try. But in the current scent formulation, I'm not planning to purchase again.

Beguiling and unique scent

With the colder weather coming up, I thought a coconut body wash would be a nice tropical reprieve. I had tried the lavender seaweed wash earlier in the year and liked it (which I'll do a review of!) and I wanted to try something different.

The coconut has a gentle sweetness that's nicely balanced with the lemongrass, which brings a bright lemony note but also a lovely, exotic depth of something spicy like ginger or cardamom. It made me slow down to savour the scent and now I look forward to this small joy to start my day.

I'm glad I took a chance even though some other reviews didn't favour it - fair enough, we all have our own preferences (: I'm looking forward to trying some of the other products in this scent to help me get through the dark months ahead. Hoping this is refillable at the store in Fan Tan Alley (and maybe will become available in a bigger format?)

Stuart Spracklan

I was hoping for more of a coconut smell but I have to agree with Hillary, rather nondescript scent. Still a great Soapworks product, just not my favourite!

Thank you for your kind and honest review. We purposefully designed our lemongrass Coconut line with scent-sensitive customers in mind, thus giving those with such sensitivities options in our otherwise lively scented product line.

Scent is disappointing

I got the bath bomb of the same scent in the store and it was incredible. I ordered the wash thinking it would smell the same. It smells nothing like it. I can’t even pick up lemongrass in the wash fragrance. It doesn’t really smell like coconut either.
If you want no scent this comes close.
The soap formula is nice and gentle.

Thank you for your message and thoughtful review. We are sorry our wash did not live up to your expectations. Please message us at and we will refund your purchase. Warmly, Amber.