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Love this product! Baby is 5 months and we recently used up our first jar, so reordered. Gentle on baby, clears up minor rashes quickly. Scented, bit not overly.

Saved the day !!

Our baby was suffering from a really bad diaper Rush for quite a few days. We tried everything, and then we decided to give this beeswax lavender baby bottom bomb A try.
It cleared up our baby's diaper rush and blisters within a day, He would cry every time we changed his bum, And now he's a happy boy again after using this cream! 100% recommend!

Cloth diapers

I was hesitant to try this while using cloth diapers because it contains zinc oxide (known to stain cloth diapers). However my baby contued to develope a slight rash while using cloth diaper approved creams so I decided to try this cream anyway with amazing results.

A thin layer applied at bedtime is effective enough to keep the rash away and slight enough to not leave any stains in my lovely Bum Genious diapers!

Well worth the price - such a small layer is needed to be effective so one jar lasts a long time!

The search is over!

I have tried every diaper rash cream on the market for my babies consistent, stubborn diaper rash. I slathered this cream on at night and by the morning it was virtually healed, including a few areas of opened sores. I have several jars on the go so I’m never without! Now it works great to maintain my babies healed bottom and love the calendula scent!

I’m a Believer

My baby has had persistent diaper rash since she was born over two months ago. I’ve tried all the usual tactics and a dozen creams, even one originally made for cows’ udders! A friend got me to try this while I was over at her place, telling me it was miracle cream. The next diaper change, the redness was gone and open sores healed! It feels so good to see her skin intact and know the product is natural. Thanks for this amazing balm!

Magic in a jar

I received this item as a gift for my little ones and we went all summer without using it, but this past week has been a different story and I feel silly for not having cracked it open sooner. It is like magic in a jar for rashy bums. It is super soothing and moisturizing and the smell is divine. No joke, I was making my friend smell my babies bum because it is that lovely of a smell. I also love how it is full of simple yet very effective ingredients 😊.

Thank you for your awesome review Karla! Happy bottoms is our mission.