Solid Dish Soap

- Our solid dish soap bars are a convenient and effective way to get your dishes clean and to reduce plastic waste.

Questions and Answers about Solid Dish Soap

Hand made in small batches, our concentrated, septic safe, solid dish soap cuts through stubborn grease and baked-on food while staying gentle on your hands. Say goodbye to plastic bottles, each bar replaces 3-4 bottles of liquid dish soap, and is a more sustainable, environmentally friendly option for your home.

How do I use my solid dish soap?

Wet a brush or cloth of your choosing with hot water and rub into the soap using circular motions. Build up a lather and scrub onto dishes, pans and glassware then rinse well.

Repeat as needed to produce the perfect amount of lather. Allow your soap to air dry thoroughly between uses. Pro-tip: the rougher the scrubber, the foamier the lather.

Keep in mind, solid dish soap will not produce quite as much bubbles as liquid dish soaps, however, it will create a rich foamy lather on your sponge or cloth and does a great job cleaning and cutting grease.

What’s the average shelf life of your solid dish soap?

A handmade, cold-process soap is always best enjoyed within 1-3 years to get the full benefits of the essential oils. Having said that, there’s no set shelf life for cold process soap.

Soap that is stored in a cool, dark place gets better as it cures, making it longer lasting, however as the bar ages/cures, the scent will evaporate and fade.

Can solid dish soap leave a film on my dishes?

Depending on the mineral content and quality of your water (specifically hard water) solid dish soap can sometimes leave behind a film on your dishes if you don't rinse them well enough. If this happens, simply rinse your dishes with water mixed with vinegar. This should help any eliminate spots/film.

How long does the Solid Dish Soap last?

Our bar can replace approximately 3-4 bottles of traditional liquid dish soap, giving you up to 6 months of use, while the bars themselves will last indefinitely unused.

Is your solid dish soap safe for my septic system?

Yes, all of our products are Septic Safe! Our soaps do not contain phosphates, detergents or preservatives and are formulated with natural ingredients which makes our solid dish soap fully biodegradable.

How do I store my solid dish soap?

Place your dish soap on a soap dish that has drainage to prevent it from sitting in water. This will help it dry out between uses which will help the bar to last longer.

What other uses are good for my dish soap?

Kitchen cleaning:
Use our solid dish soap to clean porcelain and stainless sinks. It even works well to clean dirty & stained counter tops, stove tops and refrigerators. For extra shine, wipe clean with a damp Swedish dishcloth. We recommend spot testing before use, and apply with caution to varnished and lacquered surfaces.

Stain Remover:
Our solid dish soap can be an effective stain remover for various types of fabric. Simply wet the stained area as well as the soap, gently rub the dish soap on the stain, and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing or laundering as usual. Stubborn stains may require more than one application. This method works well on grease, food, and other common stains. With delicate fabrics, always test it on an inconspicuous area first.

Vegetable and Fruit Wash:
Use our solid dish soap to clean your fruits and vegetables. Wet hands or a soft brush, rub on the dish soap bar, and gently scrub your produce to remove dirt, pesticides, and wax. Rinse thoroughly with water before consuming.

Is your solid dish soap safe for sensitive skin?

Our Solid Dish Bar is made with all-natural ingredients, making it a suitable choice for those with sensitive skin. However, if you're prone to skin irritation or in the middle of a flair up, we recommend wearing gloves when washing dishes to minimize any potential reactions. Solid dish soap is also safe for kids.

Is your solid dish soap vegan?

Our solid dish soap is vegan. Almost all of our products are vegan, but some are not. The animal-derived products we use in some of our products are honey, beeswax, and goat's milk. The full list of our ingredients can be found on our website on each product’s information page.

Do you test your products on animals?

We never have – and never will – test any Saltspring Soapworks products on animals.