Bath Bombs

Elevate your bath experience while creating a moment to decompress and relax. Carefully crafted by hand in small batches here on Salt Spring, using pure botanicals, essential oils, and skin-softening earth salts, our bath bombs will leave you soft, silky, and completely rejuvenated.

Questions and Answers about Bath Bombs

Pure botanicals, essential oils, and skin-softening earth salts are all part of our natural bath bombs. We make these by hand in small batches, here on Salt Spring Island. French lavender? Rose petals? Earthy Cedar? Warm vanilla? Choose your favourite for a dream bath experience to soothe, calm and cleanse leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. As the bath bomb dissolves, it releases soothing aromatherapy, elevating your bath time experience.

How do you use a bath bomb?

Fill your tub with water that's a comfortable temperature for you, until it reaches the perfect depth. Get in, drop in the bath bomb of your choice and enjoy. Once the bomb is in water, it starts to fizz and release essential oils into the air that help you relax, energize and soothe your muscles. Whether you use your bombs to wake up in the morning or relax after a challenging day, you're helping hydrate and replenish your skin, giving yourself some well-deserved self-care. Once finished, some people like to rinse off afterwards, but it isn’t necessary as the ingredients will leave your skin feeling smooth, and your body refreshed.

What are bath bombs made of?

The heart and soul of every bath bomb recipe is simply a mixture of citric acid (ours is food grade) and baking soda that fizzes and dissolves when activated by water. Baking soda creates air bubbles that float to the water's surface and house the essential oil molecules that flow through the air distributing the aromatherapy. Some of our bath bombs also contain other natural healing ingredients including cocoa butter, seaweed, essential oils and Epsom salts.

How often can I use your bath bombs?

Our Bath Bombs can be used daily or saved as a special treat. They are safe to use in every bath if you choose; it is all about personal preference.

How long can I store bath bombs before using them?

We recommend using them within a few months of purchase for maximum therapeutic benefit. While the bath bomb won't go bad quickly, the natural ingredients will perform best when fresh. In general, try to use your bath bombs within 2-4 months of purchase for optimal freshness. The longer you wait, the more likely the bath bomb will be exposed to moisture in the air and lose some of its fizzing power.

Bath bombs eventually expire, however you can expand their lifetime by storing them in a cool, dry location and keeping them in an airtight container. After about six months, they'll start to lose their fizzing power and scent.

How many times can I use a bath bomb

Bath bombs were originally intended as a single-use experience, however even though they will lose some of their fizzing power, they can be used more than once with the proper technique: Bath bombs immediately start to dissolve when you place them in water. You will need to remove the bath bomb from the bath before it completely dissolves. Drain any excess water from the bomb, then use a blow dryer to quickly dry it, this will ensure it doesn't dissolve completely. Seal the remaining part in an airtight container. Keep in mind you'll have the best experience when you use the whole bomb at once.

Can I use your bath bombs in my shower?

Yes, bath bombs can be used many ways within the shower. The most straightforward way to use a bath bomb in the shower is to simply lay it on the floor, or placed on a soap dish away from your feet but still under the shower stream. When the shower water hits the bath bomb, it'll fizz and release the aromatherapy into the shower steam, giving you a spa like atmosphere. Take caution, some bath bombs can make the tub/shower floor slippery.

Tie it up on the shower head, Enjoy a spa-like shower by taking a bath bomb and placing it inside a breathable bag like a soap sack. If you don’t have a soap sack, cheesecloth will also do just as well. Tie the bath bomb bag on to the head of your shower. Run the shower and enjoy the aromatherapy.

How else can I use my bath bomb?

Prepare a relaxing foot soak. Create your own spa-like experience at home by making a foot soak with a bath bomb. Fill a small basin/bowl with warm water. Place bath bomb of your choice into basin, immerse your feet in the water and allow them to soak for up to 15 minutes. Gently massage your feet. Pat your feet with a dry towel. For extra hydration, after drying feet apply our Peppermint cocoa butter foot lotion.

Will my bath bomb stain the tub

We use organic flower petals, seaweed, and other biodegradable ingredients. Any possible residue can be rinsed away easily.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant

Although we formulate our products with pure, natural ingredients in safe dilutions, if you have any concerns, our best suggestion is always to speak with your trusted healthcare practitioner prior to introducing any essential oil-based products during your pregnancy. Take caution, some bath bombs can make the tub/shower slippery.

Are your bath bombs safe for children?

Our bath bombs were made with sensitive skin in mind, which makes them great for children. We formulate our bath bomb recipes with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin.
However, if it's the first time your child is using a bath bomb, if they have sensitive skin, or if you have any concerns, our best suggestion is to test some of the dissolved bath bomb water on a small area of skin prior to introducing any new products on children with sensitivities. That being said, we've had many customers with eczema and other skin conditions use our bath bombs successfully - even experiencing symptom relief. Keep in mind that some bath bombs can make the tub/shower slippery, so be sure to supervise your child while they’re using one.

Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

Bath products can be especially intimidating for those with sensitive skin and trying a new product can seem daunting. Our bath bombs should not irritate your skin and were formulated with sensitive skin in mind, It is important to note that reactions to scent blends and essential oils are possible, so make sure you know what works best for your skin. That being said, we've had many customers with eczema and skin conditions use our bath bombs successfully - even experiencing symptom relief.

Are the ingredients safe to go down the drain?

Of course! Our bath bombs are made with biodegradable ingredients that are septic safe.

Are your products vegan?

All of our bath bombs are vegan. Almost all of our products are vegan, but a few are not. The animal-derived products we use in some of our products are honey, beeswax, and goat's milk. The full list of our ingredients can be found on each product’s information page.

Do you test your products on animals?

We never have – and never will – test any Saltspring products on animals.