We’ve made soap for 40 years

Unhappy with common soaps, Linda Quiring crafted an alternative. She grew ingredients, conducted experiments, and refined her recipes. In 1979, she founded Saltspring Soapworks. This led to local interest in her soaps, which spread around the world.

Her business expanded from the kitchen to the barn—and eventually into a small factory. In time, she also introduced skin care options, and opened a few retail shops. In 2012 Linda asked her son, Gary, and his wife Amber to take over operations.

Since then, they’ve worked to honor Linda’s legacy and values. (She believed in being environmentally conscious, staying small, and supporting the community.) Amber and Gary also introduced new systems and structure to the operation. These measures ensure quality and purity in our products.


Our work is governed by our values

Saltspring Soapworks was born from its founder’s ideals. Many years later, these values continue to evolve and inform our actions. They are as follows:

We listen to our customers and act in their interests—because we value people.

We practice daily and seek improvement—because we value craft.

We act on a few essential tasks, and release the rest—because we value efficiency.

We create functional products, calming spaces, and graceful design—because we value tranquility.

We maintain a healthy balance—because we value presence in this time, and on this island.


A commitment to everything we make

We make Saltspring soaps and skincare products on Salt Spring Island. Our team formulates, sources, mixes, and packages each product by hand.

Our past is rich with experimentation. This ranges from repurposing cooking appliances to building our own custom tools. We examine ancient recipes. We test wholly new formulations. This is all led by a belief in ongoing, incremental improvement.

We use good ingredients that are easy on the environment. We prioritize natural ingredients—and use non-organic alternatives when they are more suitable. Meanwhile, we update our recipes as we discover better options.

Your input shapes the Saltspring Soapworks collection. We listen to what you say, and observe how you use our products. Doing so helps us determine which products to add, refine, and cull.


There’s beauty in utility

Let’s talk about design at Saltspring Soapworks. Design is central to what we do, here. It speaks to our values, informs product presentation, and helps shape the customer experience we offer.

We start by observing and listening to our customers. Doing so enables us to offer you a better customer experience. Part of this relates to our design framework, which we continually refine.

We take time to reflect on each design element. As a result, we’re better able to craft harmonious products, treatments, and visuals.

We avoid gimmicks and trends, favoring utilitarian materials and treatments. We remove elements, ornaments, and variations. This helps us put emphasis on that which is essential.

“Be it the ingredients, recipe, or how we greet guests… we can’t take any aspect of our practice for granted. So, we obsess over every aspect of it.”

—Amber Quiring


Catch your breath in one of our shops

The world is filled with noise: Your daily commute; Endless digital pings and buzzes; The kids playing Fortnite at full volume. We understand why you crave a moment for yourself—just to breathe.

This is what we attempt to provide, at Saltspring Soapworks. We want your daily bath to become a form of sanctuary: An opportunity to find calm, quietly reflect, and rekindle your spirit. Sometimes, that 10 – 15 minutes is all you need.

Our shops mirror this philosophy. We hope that you’ll find a moment of calm, here. There’s no clutter to distract, jarring music to interrupt, or pressure to buy. Our small shops offer you a place to explore our products, take your time, and collect your breath.