Do your products contain Parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?

No! Saltspring Soapworks products are entirely free of all parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate.

How are your products preserved?

We use the safest, most natural preservatives currently available and we're always updating our ingredients as new natural preservatives become available. You can find the ingredients under each product on the website. 

All products that contain water (and are not pure distillates) need preservatives to ensure they remain safe and free of mold and bacteria.

Why is there lye in the soap?

Our soaps are 100% natural and that means using lye as has been the method for century’s. It’s a pivotal ingredient to the process.

In chemistry, soap is a salt of a fatty acid. Soaps for cleansing are created by mixing vegetable or animal oils and fats with a strongly alkaline solution. Fats and oils are composed of triglycerides; three molecules of fatty acids are attached to a single molecule of glycerol. The alkaline solution, which is often called lye (although the term "lye soap" refers almost exclusively to soaps made with sodium hydroxide), brings about a chemical reaction known as saponification. In this reaction, the triglyceride fats are first hydrolyzed into free fatty acids, and then these combine with the alkali to form crude soap, an amalgam of various soap salts, excess fat or alkali, water, and liberated glycerol (glycerin). The glycerin is a useful by-product, which can be left in the soap product as a softening agent, or isolated for other uses.Once the chemical reaction between the lye and the oils has taken place, there is no lye left in the finished product.

Do you offer vegan products?

Many of our products are vegan, but we recommend reviewing the ingredients before you purchase. Some of our products use ingredients such as beeswax and milk powder. If you have a specific product question, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Are any of your products Certified Organic?

Our goal is to use 100% natural ingredients and source organic ingredients whenever possible. Developing Certified Organic products is an expensive and complicated process, and we'd rather focus on creating affordable natural skin and body care. All of our ingredient lists will provide information on which ingredients are organic.

How do I release the pump on my hand wash?

To release the pump in your hand wash bottle, firmly tighten the shoulder cap clockwise, then rotate the pump leftwards, until it pops up.

What is the shelf life of my product?

Because Saltspring Soapworks products are made with natural ingredients we purposely present our products in smaller portions so you finish them while their ingredients are still fresh and providing maximum effectiveness.

As such, we recommend you store creams and oils in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Most products have a shelf life of 2 years unopened. Once opened, we suggest using the product within 12 months.
We recommend using our Body Gelatos within 2-3 months of purchase, and our Salt and Sugar scrubs within 4-5 months of purchase.

How do you scent your products?

We make every attempt to exclusively use essential oils in formulating our products. However, on certain occasions, it may be necessary to use synthetic fragrance. The term "fragrance" on some of our labels may indicate the use of natural fragrance (essential oils), synthetic fragrance or a combination of both. 

Do you use sustainable Palm oil?

Our suppliers are founding members of the The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This assures us a consistent supply of sustainable Palm Oil.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer Free ground shipping in Canada on orders of $79 or more.We also offer great flat rate shipping rates. In Canada Orders up to $79 are $10.95. In the U.S. All orders are $29.95 

Are your products available for wholesale?

Yes, for more information please contact us at 1-888-289-7627


Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask!