We produce simple, healthy, and natural body care products.


Peppermint Honey Lip Balm is a perfect addition to your outdoor adventures and excursions.

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The Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb turns your everyday soak into an orgiastic feast for the senses.

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We combine essential oils of fir, spruce, and cypress, with gray clay—for our Cypress Fir Mud Bar.

Play in the mud

Every day we make fresh batches of Body Gelato. It exfoliates, nourishes, and moisturizes.

Treat your whole body

Our new Therapy Collection expands to include mists and oils. (Fragrances are in the works.)

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Looking for soft, smooth, and radiant skin? Zesty Mango Lime Lotion is here for you.

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We craft a handful of body care products refined over decades of work. Perhaps try a few different ones and see which work best for you.

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