We produce simple, healthy, and natural body care products.


Our Cypress Fir Wash is a Saltspring forest bathing experience.

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Your skin takes care of you day in and day out. Isn’t it about time that you returned the favor?

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Kaolin Clay Mud Mask draws out oils and impurities—and in turn rejuvinates your skin.

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Tiny but mighty! Avocado Rosehip Day Cream is made from our own blend of organic botanicals.

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The natural earth and sea salts in our Bath Salts help soothe and relax both body and spirit.

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Looking to reduce waste? Our Jojoba Olive Shampoo Bar cleans your hair—with less plastic.

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We craft a handful of body care products refined over decades of work. Perhaps try a few different ones and see which work best for you.

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