Working at Saltspring Soapworks

Practice your craft

In a digital world, you sometimes lose balance. You pull up your screen a little too frequently. You jump at each ping. You become jealous of other’s Instagram feeds. This isn’t healthy, and (if you’re honest) you might admit that it doesn’t make you happy.

Part of how we stay grounded, at Saltspring Soapworks, is by working with our hands. Every day, we practice an age-old craft that touches everyone. Sure, we make everyday products. That said, there’s something special about making things that people use. It helps you feel purposeful and connected.

Be a member of our family

Over 40 years in business, many people have become a part of our family—some for years, and others for decades. Sure, it’s still a workplace. But, we have a connection with one another, here. You see part of that in our work/life balance.

Our business can be demanding. So, we work hard—and take time to rebuild. We offer competitive health and wellness benefits to our staff. We also support flexible hours in our workshop (to help accommodate personal needs). All staff receive large discounts, and free products to test.

Enjoy the serenity of island life

Living on Salt Spring Island is different. On any given day, we can run into 30 or 40 of our neighbours. We’ve known these people for decades. Salt Spring residents have many different outlooks and experiences. They make our community special.

There’s a history of farming on the island. This has resulted in a delicious farm-to-table culture. Additionally, we enjoy a vibrant arts and music scene. We adore living—and hiking—in nature! From the ocean and lakes to fields and mountains, there’s no place like Salt Spring Island.