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Ann Douglas
A luxurious, non-greasy conditioner

It smells great and it leaves my hair soft and curly.

Great product!

I have had a lot of trouble with dry, dull hair and a very itchy scalp. My friend recommended the Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner and gave me some to try for a week or so. I was sold on it. I’ll definitely be a repeat purchaser!

The perfect conditioner

I cannot express the delight of using this conditioner. It smells SO yummy and is refreshing and tingly in the nicest of ways on my scalp post rinse. My hair feels so soft. This is my first time ordering from salt springs soap works so I ordered just the conditioner to try it out. But I will certainly be adding the shampoo and perusing the rest of the website for more things to try. Love it !

Thank you for your kind review Krista. We hope you enjoy our other products just as much!

Soft and Shiny!

I absolutely love the creamy texture to this conditioner and will be purchasing for as long as it exists. My husband and I stocked the guest bathroom with this product and it receives rave reviews. I've turned my family onto it and converted a tonne to purchasing this as their regular hair care product. I use it in combination with a silicone head massager in the shower to stimulate circulation and hair growth.


This is a must try!
I’ve been using the rosemary mint line for two years now with the most amazing results. Leaves my dry, curly hair soft & shiny.
I recently ran out, tried another luxury brand - and regretted it instantly.

Saltspring soaps Rosemary Mint is my forever go-to!

Awesome product

I bought the conditioner with the shampoo this summer and now my girls and I are hooked on the product! Smells wonderful and defrizzes all of our curly hair!

The best!

As I mentioned with the shampoo, my hair has been coloured for many years. This conditioner is a god send! I have always spent a lot on hair products such as Aveda (claiming to be natural). This product is far superior and I never have frizz! Highly recommend!

Shantelle Hollis
amazing conditioner!

After just one use my hair felt SO soft!! Going onto my 3rd bottle of it now, and my hair is still just as soft & shiny!