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Norma Delorenzo
Rosemary Mint

Rented a cottage in French River area of Ontario. I had to ask them what shower gel, shampoo, etc they used, as I really loved and loved the feeling of using it. They told me rosemary mint and I have never stopped ordering it. I have not tried other items, as I am totally hooked on the rosemary mint feeling!

Sharon Z
Rosemary Mint Wash

Rosemary Mint is our favourite! We have ordered and reordered for many years. Our guests always comment on it as being so fresh and invigorating. Excellent product!

Love it!

I've been using the Rosemary Mint Wash for years. I love it so much - the scent is just wonderful and the soap feels lovely on my hands. I'm so happy I'm able to order it online and have it shipped to my house!

Great Soap

I love this soap. I have been using for years. I primarily use it as hand soap but I take it as body wash when I am travelling or camping.

Linda McIntosh
Rosemary Mint siap

LOVE this soap. I’ve struggled for years with dry cracked fingers, especially in the winter months and this is now the soap I use exclusively in our home and in our medical office. When you wash your hands si many times a day it’s lovely to not have to worry about your skin drying out.

Sharon Zwarich
The only kind we buy!

We first tried the Rosemary Mint wash at a relatives home in Chemainus several years ago. We liked it so much that we began using it. Our guests also comment on how refreshing it smells and how it is so gentle on the hands. We now order 3 litres at a time. We highly recommend it and hope you continue to produce it.

Jean Rawlings
All time fave

I love this body wash/hand soap. Smells wonderful, is very invigorating and it’s natural! I love the fact you can buy the large size and use to refill smaller bottles. Highly recommend 😊

Kam Dennis
Game Changer for Me

I used this product for the first time when I rented a Cabin in Ucluelet. I brought my own soap for that weekend (as I always have to) because I have extremely sensitive skin and battle with eczema. I bought some before leaving the island, and have continued to use nothing bimit since. I found a local store that I purchase from when I don't leave myself enough time for Shipping. This year I bought $100 in samples so I can share with my family this season. I don't think they will be able tonuse anything different after either. Thanks for making a product that is clean

Connie Gibbs
Luxury product

I’ve been buying the refillable litre bottles for many years. It’s a beautiful product. The last price jump was a double digit and much as I want to support great local products, this product is now unaffordable. I asked the owner to consider a loyalty program but he declined. So I’ve had to stop buying it.

Love Rosemary mint wash

I have used this product for years, it is in all my bathrooms. I give it to friends as gifts who also love it!