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Robyn Carpentier
Love it!

I’ve been using my bar for a couple weeks now and I am enjoying it. It lathers up nicely and hasn’t irritated or dried out my skin.

Best Bar Soap for Washing Your Face

Excellent product; wouldn't go back to any other product for washing my face. Highly recommended!

Sandra Martin

Love it!

Alice Collins
Have been using happily for years

I really like this soap for my acne prone skin. I found drug store products to be too harsh while not seeing great results. I think this soap reduces breakouts while not over drying.

Best acne product I’ve found!

I’m in my 30s and have been trying to figure out the best ans most natural way to care for my acne prone, sensitive, combination skin since my teens. I’ve tried an endless combination of products and usually return to my medicated cream that seems to work the best.

After a month of using the Neroli Facial bar in combination with the Saltspring Kaolin mud mask twice a week, my skin has cleared, the texture of my skin has drastically improved and my skin is hydrated, smooth and my pores are significantly smaller. My skin feels so healthy and I’m so happy about it.

Thanks Salt Spring!

Love it! 💕 is

I love this soap sooo much! I really can feel how my whole body gets detoxified! And it’s also feels unusual to use a black coloured soap :) pretty exotic! Love it! 💕

Heather B
Not for dry flaky skin/cystic acne

Lovely bar, and I love the scent of Neroli. However, it unfortunately irritated my sensitive, dry, flaky skin, and worsened my cystic acne. I knowingly took this risk - the sales associate hadn't received any feedback about how this bar affects very sensitive, problematic skin. I will still seek out your other products!

Hello Heather, and thank you for taking the time to review our products.
You are correct that this product was, in fact, not the right choice for your skin type. We are grateful our associate was honest about their lack of knowledge of this product and your specific skincare needs. We hope our training can improve because of a message like yours. Given your particular skin type, I would recommend our Mandarin Rosehip Facial Cleanser as both hydrating and gently cleansing. You could also follow up with a very light face cream to hydrate the dryest areas of your skin.
Warmly, Amber.

One of the best cleansers for oily/combo skin i've ever used!

I stumbled across this soap in a gift shop on Salt Spring and thought I would give it a try after using something similar from Lush. This facial bar has now become a daily staple in my skin care routine, replacing my Paula's Choice and korean skin care cleansers. Its perfect for oily/combo skin - it really does reduce blemishes, blackheads and pores but is not drying or stripping at all. Its an amazing product for $8 dollars and lasts forever. It has replaced my previous cleansers that ran from $30-50.

Thank you for your generous review! Warmly, Amber.

Rena Friesen
Best face soap

I bought this soap originally for my husband, but I ended up using it. I’ve been using this to clean my face for 2 years, and I love it! It doesn’t dry out your face it has the perfect ph balance, it cleans so nicely! Your soap bars last so long, I use it twice a day for over a year and still have a little left. Thank you for making such quality product


I bought this facial soap not realizing it was for men. I love it, it doesn't have a strong scent and leaves your face feeling soft and really clean.

Thank you for your review Jenny. We do plan to package this soap for all in the near future. But anyone can use it now !!!!!