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Very nice to the touch! Goes a long way.

😍 love it!

I REALLY liked this mask. Smells great and my skin looks soooo much healthier after!!!!

Best mask ever!

I have been using this mask twice a week for the past month and it hasn’t even made a dent in the container. A little really does go a long way. My skin is so clear, soft and the texture and colour has also improved. This mask does wonders.

Sharlaina Shortt
Best mask ever!

I’ve been using this face mask forever. It’s by far the best one I’ve ever tried! It cleans/minimizes my pores beautifully and is refreshing and leaves my skin feeling so soft.



I am a women in my 40's who has 2 teenage daughters...and a husband who pretends he does not care about his skin ;) We ALL use this mask and it is amazing for radiance, acne, brightening and it just feels so good. We LOVE that is local and good for your skin too. I panic if I do not have one on the go and one in my cupboard.

Thanks for the beautiful product!

useing clay masks

I just have a comment about the girl who used the mask and had a reaction. I have been mining and researching clay for 10 years and have some advice for using it as a mask.
When using a clay mask, ask for a analysis for the 5 heavy metals, most glacial marine clay's has above levels of arsenic. A way to reduce this is to mix the clay with something to reduce levels to less then 3 ppm, peat works or mix it with a different clay. I mix marine clay with 6 ppm with a mountain clay with 1.2 ppm to get it to 3 ppm.
Never let a mask completely dry, when the mask is first applied it puts minerals in the skin, as it starts to dry it sucks out the toxins, once it is tacky wash it off. Letting it dry completely will just suck the life out of the skin.
Clay is a wonderful product so enjoy .

Thanks for your insight Paul!

I love it but....

i bought this product maybe back in november & i love it but i can’t seem to find an expiration date. the last two times i used the mask it left my face a bit irritated & it never did before. How long are your masks good for?

Hi Hayley
Thanks for contacting us regarding our Mud Mask. Shelf life for this product is 2 years if unopened and aprox. one year after opening.
I myself have very sensitive skin on my face and grabbed a jar of our latest batch to try. I did not have any problems which makes me think that it's not the product (We havn't changed the recipe)
Sometimes skin can be more sensitive and reactive this time of year especially as it gets colder and drier. Just wondering:
Have you changed your detergent that you wash your towels in, added a fabric softener to your wash, changed your facial regime at all?
Hope this helps to solve the mystery.


LOVE this product!

I have super sensitive skin and have always avoided masks because I felt they were a waste of money. I have since converted after using this mask! Not only is it super affordable (one jar last lasted me over 2 months using it twice weekly), but it really works and is great even on sensitive skin. After it dries I can actually see the excess oil it has drawn out of my face. I have recommended this product to many people I know! Keep up the good work!


Was really looking forward to trying out this mask I got for Christmas! After using it as per the directions on the container, my face was visibly red where the mask had been. It is now day 2 of a chapped, dry face. I’m in pain and am very sad this happened.

Hi Michelle

Thanks for reaching out regarding our mud mask. First of all we are sorry that you had a negative experience with our product.
From your description It seems that you had a reaction to an ingredient, and this can happen from time to time.
We would be happy to offer you a refund or exchange to get you back on track and we will connect with you directly.

Amber Quiring


Another lovely experience from your products. Will definitely be using this twice a week. That’s if I can stop my dogs licking it off my face.....thanks