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Gorgeous scent, gentle soap, great lather. I love thus product!


I love the scent of this body wash! Delicate, but lasts for a nice while. Lovely lather and very gentle on my skin. Nothing harsh or causing irritation. Not drying I even use it on my face. Thank you!

A favourite

Excellent body wash! A real favourite!

Wonderful scent

So love this product. Discovered it while visiting with family. They were given it as a gift and when I tried it I immediately googled to find out how I can acquire some of my own. I have now received my own product and use it daily. The scent is so pretty and refreshing!

Natalie P
Nice Rose Scent for Showers

This is a mild rose fragrance and wonderful for showering. It does not dry my skin, and leaves a faint scent. I would also use it as a bathroom hand wash in spring/summer months.

Great scent

I love this body wash, it smells great! Please make it in the 1 litre refill bottle so I can refill my pump bottle!

Synthetic fragrance added?!

I was surprised to learn that this product as well as the entire rose line contain synthetic fragrance vs 100% pure essential oil.

I love your rosemary and mint + lavender eucalyptus lines which are made with no artificial scent

It’s too bad that salt spring doesn’t apply your stated values to natural products consistently across your product line - i think it dilutes your brand, value proposition, can mislead the customer, and make it difficult to for them to read through each product ingredient list to find which products don’t contain artificial scent.

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your message. We appreciate your input and can probably shed a little light on your concerns.

First, though, let’s talk about values. If you visit our About page (, you can read about our history, values, commitments, and so on. We think we’re pretty clear about how we source materials. Here’s that text:

“We use good ingredients that are easy on the environment. We prioritize natural ingredients—and use non-organic alternatives when they are more suitable. Meanwhile, we update our recipes as we discover better options.”

Additionally, almost every one of our products lists the ingredients on the label—and if not there, these ingredients can be viewed on our website. We’ve never hidden the fact that we use fragrances in a few of our products.

We work to create the best body care products we can. This involves sourcing good materials, but it extends much further than that. It involves the continual refinement of our recipes, improvements to packaging, and working to lower our environmental footprint.

Another key concern for us is affordability. We recognize that although some aren’t limited by budget, others are price sensitive. So, we work hard to offer high overall value—and keep our products affordable to as many as possible.

This product is a good example of where we’ve decided to prioritize accessibility. Our rose fragrance blend only comprises a small percentage of this product; however, the essential oil version of it is incredibly costly.

Switching from our selected fragrance to rose otto essential oil would require a notable price jump. (It’d result in this product being priced at around $300 for the 500 mL size.) In our minds, this just isn’t a practical price point for most customers.

As I noted above, we do take concerns like yours to heart. It’s just that we’re trying to hit several important concerns—and best service all of our customers. In the meanwhile, we’ll keep looking for ways to improve, and perhaps replace this with an organic essential oil counterpart when it’s feasible to do so.

Amber Quiring

LOVE it!

A little goes a long way, lathers beautifully, and smells amazing! Will purchase this again.