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Angela McGinnis
Best liquid hand soap

Beautiful light scent. Leaves your hands soft not dry. Leaves a wonderful scent in the air after


Amazing smelling products of excellent quality!


I love this soap.

Only scented handwash I will use

I was introduced to Rosemary Mint Wash at a resort on the French River. Before using it, I would not use a scented handwash as I found the scents too overpowering and lasting. The scent in this product is different - light and refreshing - and the soap gentle on my hands. My husband loves it as well. Thank you Salt Spring Soapworks for creating such a great product.

Best Wash EVER!

It's the only hand/body wash I use for my home and office. The scent is refreshing and amazing! I buy it by the refill size from our local SaltSpring SoapWorks shop. I know, I'm fortunate to live on SaltSpring Island <3

My favourite hand soap in the world

This is one of my favourite products in the world. It keeps me coming back to soapworks again and again. The fragrance is to die for. No other liquid soap compares. It's a bit pricey, but a splurge I'm willing to make.

Stephanie Frey
Healing My Poor Hands

I received a bottle of this just before Christmas and have been using it as my daily hand soap since. Not only does the incredible scent calm my anxiety, but this wash has been healing my hands. I struggle with skin picking, especially when it's dry in the winter and because I work with my hands so often, they're usually the casualties. I also tend to stay away from scented products because of how sensitive my skin is - this is gentle enough I can use it daily and still enjoy the scent. We will be back for more!

Personal fave!

I love the Rosemary Mint wash! It's a staple in my home. I use it for both my washroom and kitchen hand washes. Leaves my hands feeling clean, but not stripped. This stuff is amazing, and smells great.

I’m addicted to this scent

I love the washes, they are gentle and don’t dry out my skin. I live in a semi arid city so that’s a tough quality to find in a body wash and hand soap.
This scent is so incredibly refreshing. It’s my favourite to wake up with or rejuvenate post workout.

Donald Patterson
Where’s the Rosemary?

Labelling should be Peppermint, as that is the overwhelming fragrance of this soap, which I found much too prominent. Rosemary is the leading descriptive, so I was expecting a fragrance somewhat more refined and subtle. It is the fragrance only that disappoints me.